​​Our programs are based on the latest leadership, communications, behavior and management theories, customized to the very specific needs of your particular healthcare system. We specialize in performance and communication issues precisely because we understand the clinical environment and its intricacies.

Clinical Leadership Mastery 
​Clinical leaders need to fulfill a variety of required competencies in order to ensure efficiency, safety and excellence in the healthcare environment. The series include Clinician’s performance improvement; interdisciplinary interactions; behavioral challenges when supervising; difficult conversations; coaching and feedback. 
The O2 Project
Professionalism, performance and personal power are the 3 elements to be tackled during this exciting series of workshops. From clinical communication skills to stress management to 1on1 coaching, we make sure to address all processes, performance management requirements and professional development needs.
Healthcare Communication Mastery
Our program has two integral parts. The first relates to interdisciplinary/colleague interactions and the second to patient communications. Both segments touch difficult conversations, professionalism,interpersonal communication skills, anger and stress management, and much more.