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True Connection: Build meaningful relationships with communication and trust. 

Creative Leadership: Have the courage to explore, learn and grow. Share the knowledge. Create a diversified team. 

Wild Passion: Love what you do. Do what you love. It shows. 

Crazy Fun: Work hard. Play harder. Be silly. Laugh.

Consistent Results: Make it happen!

Our Core Values





Our Mission

To provide high quality education and guidance to Healthcare Professionals around the world through Continuing Medical Education, Wellness and Communications Skills.

Our Vision

For Healthcare Professionals to lead a healthier, balanced and happy life and achieve professional and personal fulfillment.

Our story

SanaMEd is a global medical education and communications company specializing in healthcare leadership development, medical teams performance improvement and communication skills. 

We began with a simple idea: To support the Healthcare Professional, unconditionally.  

That is the core of our mission.

We listen to the Practitioner’s needs, trials and tribulations as well as their satisfaction from daily achievements and overall passion of a life devoted to service patients.

From assessment and evidence based analysis to delivery of the most effective and fun training workshops, our focus is and always will be on the Healthcare Practitioner. You come first. 

We know the process is not always smooth. Many times, regulations, bureaucracy and internal politics hinder the best intentions for change and improvement in the Healthcare environment. After many years of delivering successful trainings in leadership development and soft skills, we know better.

We'll take care of you. If you feel good, we all feel better. Literally!