ETHICS SURVEY: We need your help!

We are conducting a survey on people that work in the medical field to better understand the impact of religion, communication and end of life issues. We are requesting your help to complete the following survey. Your answers are STRICTLY confidential and there are no identifiers.

For your convenience, we have the survey form available in various languages. 


Click below to access and download survey. 

We truly appreciate your collaboration in this important study.

SanaMEd is a global medical education and communications company specializing in healthcare leadership development, medical teams performance improvement and communication skills. 

"It was such an eye opener. I knew I was under stress, never realizing how close I was to complete burnout. My family, my sanity and my staff thank you! 

M.P. Nursing Director Critical Care

" The Body Language session for our nurses was amazing. The physicians kept asking what happened in the workshop that created such a shift in assertivness.  We told them (trying not to laugh) that they have to experience it themselves!

T. G. Charge Nurse

" The best workshop on communications skills I ever had! I have been practicing medicine for 20 years and actually learned new ways of engaging my patients. Thank you!"